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HANS tools- professional and industrial tools for every industries and business, established from 1973.

Hans Tools is world class famous brand for professional & Industrial of hand & air tools including Sockets, torque wrenches & spanners , screwdrivers, bits , hex key, pliers, saw, cutters, Hammer, tool set, case, wagon etc. Hans is not only full range with complete size of tools, but also offers life time guarantee.

Hans Tools supply with the wide range from over 9000 individual items and sizes. Hans tools are full range items with complete size of tools, but also offer full warranty.

Every Hans products begin with strict Q.C. from raw materials to final products.

Basically it meets Germany DIN & ISO and covers ANSI standards that assure Hans Tools with the features of high Torque and extra Durable performance each tool is professional designed and precision-made, carefully quality control every process of team-work that lead Hans products not just perfect appearance; rather; constant improving will always benefit the users and satisfied with Hans world- class quality warranty.

In 2005 the company was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification.


UAB „ANJESĖ" is master distributor in Lithuania.